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Help - FAQ

Last updated September 25, 2007

What exactly is the simExchange? Why should I join?

Check out the top reasons why you should join the simExchange right now!

I don't have an account. How do I get one?

Just sign up here and then confirm your account through an automated email. Joining and participating in the simExchange is totally free. Since this is a simulated stock market game, no real money is needed.

I haven't received my confirmation email!

Make sure to check your Junk mail folder or wherever your email system may deposit email it thinks is spam. It is often the case that automated emails are rejected as spam and may not even make it so far as your junk mail.

If you can't find your confirmation email, you can request an automatic resend from the Resend Confirmation Email page.

If you still cannot receive a confirmaiton email, please contact us by using the Ask a Question form at the left side of the page. We always respond to your emails, so if you do not hear from us, try using a different email address.

Do the stock and futures prices mean anything?

Stock and futures prices on the simExchange represent the anticipated total number of copies a game will sell. Each 1 DKP of stock price translates into 10,000 copies sold. Stocks represent global lifetime sales. Futures contracts represent the US sales for a particular month for an NPD Group reporting period. For example, a 100 DKP stock price would imply the game will sell 1.0 million copies in its lifetime. An 80 DKP stock price would imply the game will sell 0.8 million copies in its lifetime. An August futures contract at 10 DKP forecasts the game will sell 100,000 copies in the retail month of August.

Where do the stock and futures prices come from?

The stock price you see on tickers and newspaper, often referred as the "last price," is the price of the last trade that went over the exchange. If the last traded price was at $100, the stock price you would see on the screen would be $100--even if only one share was traded at the price. The actual current "market" for a stock--the price you can currently buy and sell at--is determined by what other people are offering to buy and sell at. If no one else is willing to buy the stock at $100, the market price would soon fall to whatever price people are willing to buy and sell at.

Does the simExchange allow short selling?

Yes. Check out the section on shorting in the Rules.

Does the simExchange allow limit orders?

Yes. Check out the tutorial on advanced trading.

Does my account gain any DKP over time--like interest?

The simExchange does not pay interest to accounts at this time but your account gains DKP every 15 minutes through your Time Trust. This is a fixed 250 DKP every 15 minutes. However, this DKP does not go to your Cash balance or count towards your ranking immediately. It will sit in your Time Trust until you spend it. Your Time Trust is capped at 25,000 DKP so you must spend it at that point or your Time Trust will no longer grow. Your Time Trust will be displayed in red if it has maxed out.

When does the simExchange close?

The simExchange is open for trading 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Stock prices close at 11PM Pacific time. This is just for accounting purposes. You can continue trading, submitting content, posting comments, and bidding on content.