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Submitting Articles

You can submit articles for games on the simExchange to promote the game, point something out, or whatever you want as long as it's on topic with where you are posting the article. You can even submit a posting from your blog or website (nothing wrong with a shameless self-plug here and there).

To submit an article, simply click on the Submit an Article link in the Articles heading on a game's stock page. The link looks like this:

Clicking on the link will load the following form on the right side of the window:


The headline field is the headline of the article. If the article's headline is boring like "Blah blah review" or "Blah blah hands on," dress up the headine a bit with what the article is about so people will actually bother to see what you are sharing with them.

If the article is a review, adding the game's rating in the headline is an easy way to help prove your point that the game is awesome. Your headline will be increasingly informative if you include a short summary quote of the review, rather than just saying the article is a review. You can even use the headline to just write the one point you want people to get out of the article, like: "Blah blah game has sold 1 million copies already."


The URL field is the link to get to the site. An http:// is required with the link and is already provided for you in the field. If you are copying and pasting a link with an http:// already in it, be sure to paste OVER the existing http:// in the field.


The Source field is the name of the website or publication. What does the publication call itself? It is always best to be linking to the original story, but if all you can find is the reprint, you can just write the original author in the Source field. User your judgment, but it's always good to give credit where it's due.

Date of Article

This should be pretty self explanatory--when the article was written/published. If no date is available for the article, select "NA" for Month, Day, and Year.

Then hit Submit and your article will be ready to be read by everybody!

Editing your articles

Oops! What if you submitted your article and just made a mistake? No worries. You can edit your article submissions. All you have to do is go to Your Articles.

Under each article submission, you will find a "Edit this Article" link. Just click on it and it will load a form to edit your article submission. Voila!