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You can suggest changes to game information on the simExchange by submitted changes to the Wiki. You must be at least Community Level 3 to suggest changes to summaries and at least Community Level 5 to approve these changes.

At the bottom of the summary box you will find a Edit Wiki Summary link. This link will take you to the game's history of wiki changes. You can view suggested changes by other players or submit your own.

Suggesting summary changes

Clicking the Suggest new changes link will load the most recent approved summary. Simply make your changes in the form. You can bold text or submit links by highlighting text and clicking the buttons next to the form. Please cite your sources by including links at the end of your sentences. Make sure that you do not copy and copyrighted text into the wiki.

Viewing summary changes

Each submitted wiki change displays the difference with the last approved wiki summary. Additions are highlighted in green while deletions are highlighted in red and crossed out.

Approving summary changes

If you are Community Level 5, then you can approve and deny wiki changes. Simply click on the Approve link to make that wiki change effect the current summary. Click the Deny link to reject the suggested changes. The wiki summary will be recorded with your decision.

Bids on Wiki Changes

Bidding on Wiki Changes work just like content submissions and comments. Bids on Wiki Changes pay and penalize at the same rates as comments.