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NPD US March 2007 sales data

NPD has provided the simExchange US March 2007 sales data. We had originally put an expiration date of April 20 on the futures contracts because that was the date originally provided to us for the data release. We apologize for the inconvenience and confusion this may have caused. As previously noted, March futures were a test run of the new futures market and the process will be improved. The results of NPD US March 2007 Futures Contracts are:


1. Nintendo DS 508k 50.80 DKP
2. Sony PlayStation 2 280k Not listed
3. Nintendo Wii 259k 25.90 DKP
4. Microsoft Xbox 360 199k 19.90 DKP
5. Sony PlayStation Portable 180K 18.00 DKP
6. Nintendo GameBoy Advance 148k Not listed
7. Sony PlayStation 3 130k 13.00 DKP
8. Nintendo GameCube 22k Not listed

Software Top 10

1. God of War II (PS2) Sony 833K 83.30 DKP
2. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 (Xbox 360) Ubisoft 394K Not listed
3. Guitar Hero II w/guitar (Xbox 360) Activision 291K Not listed
4. Wii Play w/remote (Wii) Nintendo 273K Not listed
5. Motorstorm (PS3) Sony 199K Not listed
6. Diddy Kong Racing (DS) Nintendo 189K Not listed
7. Spectrobes (DS) Disney Interactive 165K Not listed
8. Major League Baseball 2K7 (Xbox 360) Take-Two 165K Not listed
9. MLB '07: The Show (PS2) Sony 164K Not listed
10. Def Jam Icon (Xbox 360) EA 148K Not listed

Since Crackdown (Xbox 360) did not make the Top 10, the future expires at 0 DKP. DKP payouts will occur soon.

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