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Games to be listed

We have approached the point where we are ready to list more games as global lifetime stocks. Please remember to bid on the games you think the simExchange community would want to trade from the Unlisted Games section. The release date of the game is also a factor, so please update the release dates on the games as well.

We have learned a great deal in terms of listing games for trading. We want to list only those games that will attract a lot of trading interest. We also want to concentrate trading as much as possible, so rather than listing each multi-platform version of a game, we will only be listing a couple at most. Very niche games that will not get much trading will no longer be listed, so bids on game listings is even more important to getting a game listed.

Feel free to post why you think a game should be listed on the game's discussion thread. This can also bring attention to a particular listing.

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