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New IPO Process

We have revamped the IPO process for GLS stocks and Futures. The reason we have done this is because the two-phase IPO process was not performing as we had hoped. The original purpose of the two-phase IPO process was to use the market to better determine a fixed-IPO price in which every trader has a chance to trade.

The new IPO process only involves one phase. In this IPO phase, the prices are fixed for 48 hours so that every trader has a chance to buy or short sell at the same price when the game is listed.

The IPO cap has been adjusted to 250,000 DKP from 200,000 DKP. Both traders using the Basic Trading Mode and Advanced Trading Mode can participate in the new IPO process.

After 48 hours, the starting bid and asks by the market maker will be set based on the supply and demand during the IPO process. We will be testing this process with new IPOs next week. Please report any bugs you encounter using this new system. Certain changes have also been made to the trading system so please report any bugs you may encounter.

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