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Things looking up for Sony as PlayStation 3 sales pick up - December 2, 2007

Submitted by -THE-RAY- (20) at 4:12AM PST on December 2, 2007

TOKYO (Thomson Financial) - Things seem to be looking up for Sony Corp. After a tough first year, sales of the PlayStation 3 (PS3) are finally gaining momentum while the company's new flat television is reviving its reputation for innovation. The iconic Japanese company, recovering from a profit slump, is enjoying brisk sales of digital cameras and other electronic goods and expects its operating earnings to soar more than six-fold this year.
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Sony expects game losses to double

GamesIndustry - October 29, 2007

Submitted by welshbloke (33) at 4:19AM PST on October 29, 2007

From JPY 50 billion to over JPY 100 billion Sony has announced that it expects losses at its videogame unit to double for the year ended March 2008, from JPY 50 billion (303.5 million) to over JPY 100 billion (EUR 609 million).
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Bravia High-Def Television Helps Sony Regain Foothold - December 10, 2007

Submitted by -THE-RAY- (20) at 11:02AM PST on December 11, 2007

Sony (SNE) is finally recovering in its core consumer electronics business. Analysts say the tide is turning this Christmas season. Sony's Bravia, a high-definition TV with liquid crystal display, is increasing its U.S. market share, says Masahiro Ono, an analyst at Morgan Stanley.
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Sony considering selling off studios

GamesIndustry - November 1, 2007

Submitted by Eclectus (341) at 6:56AM PST on November 1, 2007

Sony considers selling digital and animation studios, to raise more money
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Sony confirms new PS2 in Europe for New Year

GamesIndustry - November 6, 2007

Submitted by Making_Waves (146) at 3:31AM PST on November 6, 2007

Already scheduled for release in Japan later this month, the new model comes with an integrated power supply and is lighter due to revised internal architecture. The redesigned unit will come in three colours Charcoal Black, Ceramic White and Satin Silver, with matching vertical stands sold separately.
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