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Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment Studio Sony Computer Entertainment Genre Console Release Date 11/17/06

This future contract pays 1 DKP for each 10,000 units of PLAYSTATION 3 (PS3) sold in the US in the retail month of April 2008 according to the NPD Group. This retail month runs from April 6, 2008 to May 3, 2008. This contract expires at 11:30 PM PST on May 14, 2008.

New PS3 SKU: 80GB with Motorstorm for $599 in August

KOTV - July 8, 2007

Submitted by rikitikitik (36) at 6:48PM PST on July 8, 2007

According to the article, Sony spokesman David Karakker announced the new PLAYSTATION 3 SKU which has an 80GB hard disk and bundled with Motorstorm. This new pack will cost $599, effectively replacing the 60GB SKU which has been all but confirmed to be sold at $499 soon. This new SKU will be available by August in US and Canada.
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Dual Shock 3 offcial US date. (Finally!)

Kotaku - February 20, 2008

Submitted by Refreshment (48) at 10:01AM PST on February 26, 2008

April 15th. Price: $54.99
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Sales of the PlayStation 3 have dropped dramatically on the...

gamesindustry.b... - April 3, 2007

Submitted by Giard (1203) at 8:28AM PST on April 3, 2007

Sales of the PlayStation 3 have dropped dramatically on the second week of release in the UK, with official Chart Track figures revealing a fall of 82 per cent
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Sony's Hirai vows to bring game division back to...

Japan Today - May 29, 2009

Submitted by afsplat (40) at 8:03AM PST on May 29, 2009

Sony Corp’s newly appointed corporate executive officer in charge of game and network businesses, Kazuo Hirai, said Thursday that one of the company’s ‘‘major missions’’ will be to bring its money-losing game division back into profit at an early timing through cost-cutting efforts and expansion of its network services. ‘‘We need to quickly bring our PlayStation business on a break-even level and later to profitability,’’ Hirai, also president of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc, said.
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Netflix backs Blu-ray exclusively

Market Watch - February 11, 2008

Submitted by sonycowboy (87) at 8:33AM PST on February 11, 2008

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- The HD-DVD format by took another blow Monday as online video-rental giant Netflix pledged to offer high-definition DVD's only in the rival Blu-ray format. In a statement, Netflix said it based its decision on the fact that four of the six major studios are going give exclusive backing to Blu-ray, made by Sony. It plans to phase out its offering of HD-DVD disks, from Toshiba, by the end of the year.
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