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Publisher Aspyr Media Studio Hellbent Games Genre Strategy Release Date 06/23/08

This future contract pays 1 DKP for each 10,000 units of Supreme Commander (Xbox 360) sold in the US in the retail month of April 2008 according to the NPD Group. This retail month runs from April 6, 2008 to May 3, 2008. This contract expires at 11:30 PM PST on May 14, 2008.

Delayed to Summer

ShackNews - March 24, 2008

Submitted by sagexsdx (18) at 9:05PM PST on March 24, 2008

The Xbox 360 version of the Gas Powered Games' RTS Supreme Commander has been delayed to the early summer, publisher Aspyr announced today. The delay was announced by Aspyr marketing manager Eric Duncan, who could not announce a firm date for the port's release but said that Supreme Commander will be "on store shelves later this spring or early summer."
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Gamespy review 6/10

Gamespy - June 24, 2008

Submitted by Jonus010 (135) at 9:12AM PST on June 24, 2008

The pacing's right, the idea's right, but stuffing the entire PC version of Supreme Commander onto the 360 is just more than the poor machine can handle. Cons: Imprecise selection; transport-ferrying system; mediocre graphics; huge numbers of functionally equivalent units.
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Gold - June 23 Release

Gamespot - June 10, 2008

Submitted by afsplat (40) at 7:46AM PST on June 11, 2008

Hellbent Games-adapted edition of Gas Powered Games' large-scale RTS goes gold, set for June 23 release on Microsoft's console.
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Supreme Commander Confirmed for Xbox 360 in 2008 - November 12, 2007

Submitted by Crimen (454) at 6:40AM PST on November 12, 2007

Officially confirming statements made to us by Chris Taylor of Gas Powered Games, publisher Aspyr Media has announced that PC real-time strategy title Supreme Commander is in the works for Xbox 360. Last month, Taylor characterized Xbox 360 as "the platform of choice for moving stuff from the PC."
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Supreme Com latest test drive.

GameSpie - March 10, 2008

Submitted by Refreshment (48) at 4:21AM PST on March 20, 2008

GameSpy doctoral resume: "Spiffy Truly epic scale; helpful troop control systems; frickin' sweet robots. Iffy Auto-centering camera; difficult target selection; early frame-rate issues."
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