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Publisher Square Enix Studio Square Enix Genre Role-playing Release Date 12/13/08

This future contract pays DKP equal to the Metascore Final Fantasy Versus XIII (PS3) receives according to Metacritic. This contract expires two weeks after the game's release.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII on hold - June 18, 2008

Submitted by vGInfidel (8) at 11:46AM PST on June 18, 2008

Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been temporarily suspended and its programming team transitioned into assist mode. Versus director Tetsuya Nomura explained that Square Enix's top priority is completing work on Final Fantasy XIII, which means the Versus team has placed its project on ice and headed across the hall to lend a hand. A few remaining designers are still working on conceptual art for Versus, and the story is supposedly complete.
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Square Enix - Final Fantasy Versus XIII Not On Hold

Kotaku - June 19, 2008

Submitted by lstormy10 (30) at 8:25AM PST on June 19, 2008

"Reports that development for Final Fantasy Versus XIII is on hold are false," the publisher said in a statement passed on to Eurogamer. "The truth of the situation is that when free, some staff from the Versus team have been helping with the XIII team on development of Final Fantasy XIII. Development for both titles is continuing as originally scheduled."
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New Final Fantasy Versus XIII Details

IGN.Com - October 22, 2008

Submitted by Supertjjr (3145) at 3:04PM PST on October 26, 2008

As part of a twelve page blowout on the Fabula Nova Crystallis series this week, Famitsu gave FF Versus XIII its fair share with four pages of coverage. Unfortunately, there's no gameplay information, and most of the details are just speculation based off the included screenshots (all of which are confirmed by the magazine to be real time), but there are a few new bits of information on the hero and heroine.
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Real time images from Final Fantasy Versus XIII surface

Destructoid - January 23, 2008

Submitted by sagexsdx (19) at 10:24AM PST on January 23, 2008

The two scans of the faces are CG and the other two scans (see gallery below) are real-time. Looking at this, it hit home for the first time that I am about to experience Final Fantasy in a way I never have before on the PS3. I only hope as it appears there it can live up to the quality of experience set by its predecessors.
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Dengeki Final Fantasy Versus XIII Interview Translated

FinalFantasy - August 31, 2008

Submitted by noobie (88) at 10:34PM PST on August 31, 2008

This time the interview is from the latest issue of Dengeki Playstation who talked with Nomura during DKS3137. He re-confirms that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be a worldwide PS 3 exclusive. There will also be a lot of natural scenary in this game. FFv13 will have the usual feel of a Final Fantasy game. It feels like I am creating the FF7. The team im working with includes many members from the KH, FF7 and FF8 teams.
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