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Publisher 2K Games Studio Gearbox Genre Shooter Release Date 02/2/09

This future contract pays DKP equal to the Metascore Borderlands (PS3) receives according to Metacritic. This contract expires two weeks after the game's release.

2K Secures Borderlands

IGN - August 16, 2007

Submitted by Makidian (85) at 7:36AM PST on August 23, 2007

Today 2K Games announced it will publish Borderlands, the latest title from Gearbox Software, makers of the Brothers in Arms series. Borderlands is a sci-fi first-person shooter and will be settling on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.
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PS3 Borderlands Preview

Video Gamer - September 2, 2008

Submitted by noobie (88) at 12:21PM PST on September 2, 2008

As a co-op experience it appears to offer pretty much everything, and the RPG elements give the FPS gameplay a refreshing feel that the genre really needs. While games like Mass Effect and this year's Fallout 3 appear to offer action-based RPG gameplay, they are still RPGs at heart with combat to match - Borderlands is most definitely still an FPS that plays like you'd expect, with the added bonus of RPG elements.
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