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Help - Rules

(Last updated May 14, 2007)

The following are the rules governing the simExchange game.

Market Manipulation

Market manipulation is strictly prohibited. Any activity which may artificially affect stock prices or bids on content will result in fines and/or account suspension. This includes (1) creating and/or using multiple accounts, (2) coordinated trading among members, (3) use of computer assisted trading, or (4) an other collusion or misrepresentation of information.

Buying on Margin

There is no buying on margin (buying on borrowed cash) on the simExchange at this time. However, margin is required to back open limit buy orders on the simExchange. Whenever you place a limit order that is not filled (remains open for someone else to take), the cost of that order is deducted from your Available Margin to buy to ensure you have the DKP to cover your trades. Therefore, Available Margin to Buy is Cash + Time Trust - Open Buy Orders - Open Short Orders.

Short Selling & Available Margin to Short

You can short sell stock on the simExchange. When shorting stock, you must maintain a certain margin. The simExchange's margin rules for shorting stock currently require maintaining sufficient cash to cover your Short Equity and outstanding limit orders. You can currently leverage up to 60% of your available Cash for shorting. Therefore, Available Margin to Short is (0.60 x (Cash - Open Buy Orders)) - Short Equity - Open Short Orders.

Margin Calls

If your account's Available Margin to Short falls below 0, your account will receive a Margin Call. The Margin Call will force you to sell long positions and cover short positions until your Available Margin is above 0. Your available Margin to Short will appear in red if you are in danger of a margin call.


Individual positions are limited to a portion of a player's net worth depending on the player's account age on the simExchange. The player's previous day's net worth is used for this calculation:

New accounts (less than 3 days old) limited to 15%

Regular accounts limited to 25%

Veteran accounts (over 2 months old) limited to 35%

Earning additional DKP

Time Trust: Your time trust is a small reserve that can be used to buy stock. Every 15 minutes, your account's time trust will gain 250 DKP. However, your time trust is capped at 25,000 DKP so you either use it or lose it. If you have DKP in your time trust, your stock purchases will draw down from the time trust before your cash reserve. Your Time Trust will appear in red when it has maxed out.

Submitting Content: Submitting content is a great way to get more DKP. The rewards for submitting content are currently:

Type of Content Credit for submitting Bonus for valuable
Articles 750 DKP 1,500 DKP
Images 250 DKP 1,000 DKP
Videos 1,000 DKP 3,000 DKP

You will also get an additional 1,000 DKP for every up bid. You will be deducted -400 DKP for every down bid. These DKP changes are made to your Bid Trust.

Bad links will result in rescinded submission credit and popular bonus. Spam will result in a -10x DKP penalty. Currently content is considered "Valuable" if it makes the game's stock page with at least 5 bids. These rates are subject to change.

Referring Friends: Referring your friends onto the simExchange is another great way to get extra DKP. Currently the simExchange pays 25,000 DKP when a friend you refer creates and confirms an account. You can refer a friend from the Refer a Friend page in the Community section. You will also receive additional DKP bonuses when your friend reaches certain benchmarks as seen in the next section. This is subject to change.

Bidding on content: You get 100 DKP for each person who bids the same way you do on articles, images, videos, comments, and unlisted games. However, it costs 100 DKP to bid on content so bid only when you think the rest of the community will also find the content useful or not. These DKP changes are made to your Bid Trust. These rates are subject to change.

Comments: You get 1,000 DKP for each person who bids up your comments. You lose -200 DKP for each person who bids down your comments. These DKP changes are made to your Bid Trust. These rates are subject to change.

Benchmarks: Your receive awards when you reach certain benchmarks. These benchmarks can be seen on your Achievements page. The reward schedule is as follows:

Achievement Award Referrer's Award
Trade 1 10,000 DKP 10,000 DKP
Community 1 10,000 DKP 10,000 DKP
Community 2 25,000 DKP 25,000 DKP
Community 3 100,000 DKP 100,000 DKP
Community 4 250,000 DKP 250,000 DKP
Community 5 500,000 DKP 500,000 DKP
Community 6 1,500,000 DKP 1,500,000 DKP
Community 7 3,000,000 DKP 3,000,000 DKP