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Animal Crossing (Wii)
The appeal of Animal Crossing

A personal blog - May 15, 2007

Submitted by Laoldar (9) at 5:57PM PST on May 18, 2007

The writer makes an interesting case that people enjoy playing Animal Crossing because you basically design your own experience. He relates stories of players that made their town appear to be a nudist colony or a Croatian village. One player describes how they post letters getting the town to "riot". By allowing users to modify the words used by characters, you can manipulate the personalities of the NPCs. By how they design their town and interact with visitors online, players can design their own game experience (some examples include a Church of Hyrule with master sword idol and being watered by another user). It's a good read for those wondering why Animal Crossing seems to have attracted such attention lately. It allows users to be creative and have a game experience that doesn't end as long as they continue to interact with it since it is limited only by their imagination.