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The Conduit (Wii)
Suggested IPO Price: 60.00 DKP
Submitted by lstormy10 (28) at 6:31 PM on April 17, 2008

Publisher Not Yet Known Studio High Voltage Software Genre Shooter
Release Dates TBA TBA TBA TBA

Washington D.C. finds itself the epicenter of an extraterrestrial attack and it's up to gamers, as the secret service's Agent Ford, to discover the truth hidden behind the invasion. To do that, he'll need a variety of guns and the skills to use them. High Voltage calls The Conduit a straightforward first-person shooter in the style of Halo, Medal of Honor Heroes 2 or Resistance: Fall of Man - basically, fast, run-and-gun battles and stylized weapons. The Conduit also features advanced enemy artificial intelligence enabling "human-like behavior" and a special device called the All Seeing Eye (or ASE), which, according to the studio, allows players to "reveal concealed objects and enemies, providing a deeper level of puzzle-solving."

The game will feature local and (at least 16-player) online multiplayer including gameplay modes such as deathmatch and capture the flag.

Release Date: Q1 2009

Source: IGN

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The Conduit's Release Date

IGN - June 11, 2008

Submitted by lstormy10 (28) at 5:58PM PST on June 11, 2008

"Development studio High Voltage Software yesterday announced a release time frame for its forthcoming Wii first-person shooter, The Conduit. The game is set for a "Q1 2009" debut, according to the company. Meanwhile, the developer confirmed that The Conduit will feature a, "... competitive online multiplayer component," but did not yet offer specifics."
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More screens from The Conduit

WiiFanboy - June 12, 2008

Submitted by arthurlucena (318) at 10:09AM PST on June 16, 2008

High Voltage knows how excited for The Conduit the Wii Fanboy community is. That's why they just hit us up with 18 screens for the game, with the vast majority of them being screens you've never seen before. Really, you should be checking out these screens. They look pretty damn good.
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Game Brochure

4Cr - June 18, 2008

Submitted by mrahaju (224) at 9:46PM PST on June 18, 2008

This promotional brochure introduce us to the story of this game, main characters (including Mr. Ford), adversaries (or enemies), weapons, locations, and ASE.
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First Look: The Conduit

IGN - April 17, 2008

Submitted by lstormy10 (28) at 6:32PM PST on April 17, 2008

"High Voltage Software, making games for 15 years, is one company well underway with a title built from the ground up for Wii. It's a first-person shooter that revolves around government conspiracies and alien cover-ups. It's using an advanced 3D engine that really makes the most of Nintendo's hardware. And it features a control scheme that fully utilizes the Wii remote. And right now, the game needs a publisher. It's called The Conduit and it takes place during present day."
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Wii Fanboy interviews High Voltage on The Conduit

WiiFanboy - June 16, 2008

Submitted by arthurlucena (318) at 9:20AM PST on June 17, 2008

We recently got the chance to pick some of the brightest minds at High Voltage about their upcoming game, The Conduit. Wii fans have been liking what they've seen from the game, but there are still many questions left unanswered. So, read on and find out more about upcoming Wii FPS, The Conduit.
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