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How many copies will Pokemon Diamond/Pearl sell in the US in July?
(07/8/07 - 08/4/07)

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Publisher Nintendo Studio Game Freak Genre Role-playing
Release Dates 04/22/07 09/28/06 07/27/07 06/21/07

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are the fourth generation installments in the Pokemon series of role-playing games where players take the role of up and coming Pokemon trainers hoping to be Pokemon League Champions. Pokemon RPGs have the player's character building their Pokemon collection (used like summons in many Japanese RPGs) and developing their Pokemon through combat. Diamond and Pearl are essentially the same game but different Pokemon are available in each (Pokemon games have always been released this way).

The player now explores the world from a 3D view, rather than the traditional top-down view. The controls are similar to previous titles, with the d-pad controlling movement and the other buttons performing various functions. The touch screen will be used for four functions outside of battle: a real time clock, a pedometer, standard health readouts, and a calculator. In battle, the touch screen can optionally be used to control your actions.

Diamond/Pearl is set in Sinnoh, which is based on the Hokkaido prefecture of Japan, a snowy mountainous region with three lakes. The story is largely the same. The player can choose between a male or female character and then name him/her. You then start your adventure with a starter Pokemon and journey to various Pokemon gyms to battle their leaders and gain new abilities. The game features eight Pokemon gyms and 107 new Pokemon. Diamond/Pearl also features "Super Contests" where your Pokemon can compete in three rounds of mini games to judge their appearance, dancing ability, and performance. The game also features time of day and week like former Pokemon games.

As the first Pokemon game for the DS, players can now battle against other players and trade their Pokemon over Wi-Fi. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl is the first to include Global Trade Stations located around the game world where players can post their Pokemon up for trading. Diamond/Pearl also offers connectivity with GBA Pokemon games. Players can upload up to six Pokemon per day from their GBA cartridge and let these Pokemon roam free in Diamond/Pearl for them to capture.

April: Pokemon Diamond 1,045,000 Pokemon Pearl 712k [URL="" target="_blank">(The simExchange Official Blog)

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Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Sells 1 Million in the US in the...

Nintendo Press... - April 26, 2007

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Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Sells 1 Million in the US in the First 5 Days of Release
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More than 530,000 preorders, twice as strong as...

Sciam (from... - April 17, 2007

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More than 530,000 preorders, twice as strong as LeafGreen/FireRed
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Diamond/Pearl Hits 10 Million Worldwide

DS Fanboy - July 30, 2007

Submitted by charron (25) at 5:48PM PST on July 30, 2007

With 5.2 million in Japan and 4.8 million in the US, and a European release just three days ago, the newest Pokemon games have reached the eight-digit mark with no sign of slowing.
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