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How many copies will Metal Gear Solid 4 sell in the US in June?
(06/1/08 - 07/5/08)

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Publisher Konami Studio Konami Genre Action
Release Dates 06/12/08 06/12/08 06/12/08 06/12/08

Metal Gear Solid 4 will be the last of the series to be made by MGS creator Hideo Kojima. As a play off of Hideo, the theme of the new game is "No place to Hide." This does not mean that the game will no longer be stealth based.

MGS4 features a new 360 degree third-person camera view in addition to the traditional over head view in MGS games. This new camera enables better aiming in first-person view. Snake will now have a chameleon like Octocamo suit that allows him to blend in with his surroundings. However, as the theme would suggest, the game no longer requires a mission to be completed through stealth means--a player can choose the best method of accomplishing the mission.

Kojima says the PS3 will enable them to do new things in MGS4 that were not possible before. For example, the sound waves from an explosion can cause a nearby damaged building to collapse. They are also considering interactivity with the PSP.

NPD Sales Data
June 2008: 774,600

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MGS4 PS3 bundle (80GB) with DS3 coming on June 12

Kotaku - February 26, 2008

Submitted by llonesmiz (74) at 10:11AM PST on February 26, 2008

Word from Destination PlayStation, a retailers-only conference for all things PlayStation related, is that Metal Gear Solid 4 is coming to the PlayStation 3 on June 12, 2008. According to sources there now, the release of Kojima Productions action-stealth game will arrive on a Thursday, oddly enough. Even more interesting is that we're hearing word that Sony will be offering a hardware bundle that features MGS4, an 80GB PlayStation 3 and a DualShock 3 packed-in.
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Eurogamer MGS4 review: 8/10

Eurogamer - May 30, 2008

Submitted by tyrile (76) at 2:18AM PST on May 30, 2008

Metal Gear Solid has always been a love it or hate it proposition. Millions love it for its involved, conspiratorial plotting, its arch sense of humour, its demanding stealth gameplay, its sprawling cinematic ambition, its preposterous stylishness and pretensions toward artistic weight. Millions hate it for exactly the same reasons.
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Metal Gear Solid 4 debuts at #1 on UK charts

Gamesindustry - June 16, 2008

Submitted by welshbloke (31) at 12:28PM PST on June 16, 2008

MGS4 supplants multi-platform title Lego Indiana Jones - last week's number one title - despite being released only on PlayStation 3. It has become the second fastest-selling PS3 game in the UK behind GTA IV and ahead of Gran Turismo 5: Prologue.
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MGS4 on 360 Rumors Gain Ground

IGN - October 14, 2008

Submitted by oznerol (139) at 12:51PM PST on October 14, 2008

According to a Tokyo Game Show report from Japanese investment research firm Morningstar, Metal Gear Solid 4 may find its way to the Xbox 360 after all. Morningstar published a general article covering multiplatform trends that features a quote from a Konami public relations representative that should fuel rumors for months to come. The rep is quoted as saying, regarding MGS4, "We're actively looking into a release for the Xbox 360."
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Online BETA testing coming in April - February 26, 2008

Submitted by vGInfidel (10) at 12:51PM PST on February 26, 2008

Those who preorder MGS4 will have guaranteed access to the online BETA test for Metal Gear Online, whose Starter Pack will launch alongside the single player version of the game this coming June. The BETA test is due to begin in late April. Most likely it is to create hype much like the Halo 3 Beta more than actual play testing but its still nice to have anyway.
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