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How many copies will Lair sell in the US in September?
(09/2/07 - 10/6/07)

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Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment Studio Factor 5 Genre Action
Release Dates 08/30/07 TBA 11/23/07 TBA

Lair is a new IP from Factor 5 made for the PS3. The game involves riding around on a dragon and pwning your enemies with fireballs. You control you dragon using the motion sensing features of the SIXAXIS controller. Moving the controller up or down will adjust your dragon´┐Żs flight altitude. Moving the controller left or right will steer your dragon in that direction.

The game features multiple stages in its combat. From a distance, you can launch fireballs at your enemies (other dragon riders). Once you close in, the game enters a melee mode where you can execute combo attacks. The game also features God of War style fatalities in which you play a minigame to execute your target.

Ground combat will involve massive armies. There is a morale meter that fills up when you kill the troops of the opposing army and depletes when your troops are lost. To win a battle, you must fill up the morale meter.

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Lair IGN Review (4.9/10)

IGN - August 30, 2007

Submitted by yamaro (40) at 8:29PM PST on August 30, 2007

At one point, Lair looked like one of the most promising titles coming to the PS3, but the final version - even with its interesting story, occasionally impressive graphics and amazing music - falls well short of anything you should be playing. Score: *Presentation 8 *Graphics 7.5 *Sound 8 *Gameplay 4.5 *Lasting Appeal 5.5 *Overall 4.9/10
Comments (2) | Permalink

Lair enters Japan chart at #7

GI - October 18, 2007

Submitted by Just_Ben (12) at 7:07AM PST on October 18, 2007

Sony's PlayStation 3 title Lair has entered the Japanese software chart at number 7, selling 22,000 units in its first week of release, according to the latest data from Media Create. Project Gotham Racing 4 entered the chart at number 25, and was the only Xbox 360 title to feature in the top 30, following Halo 3's earlier positive showing. Follow the link to see the top 10.
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Factor 5's Lair Hit With Another Delay

DarkZero (UK) - July 20, 2007

Submitted by dimfager (75) at 5:01AM PST on July 22, 2007

The news of the delay comes direct from the kind folks at Sony who have confirmed the date for released how now slipped into mid October
Comments (3) | Permalink

IGN Preview: "Factor 5 says that its development... - April 12, 2007

Submitted by Starless (2) at 9:20PM PST on April 12, 2007

IGN Preview: "Factor 5 says that its development process makes for a quick progression from the "first alpha" to the final finished form, and that we can expect to see Lair on store shelves this July. Indeed, dragon battles on our PlayStation 3s are a mere three months away."
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This Is How You Play Lair

Gamers-Creed - September 3, 2007

Submitted by Makidian (42) at 7:20PM PST on September 3, 2007

Still having problems playing lair because of the controls ? Here is a quick video tutorial made by lairplayer5 in response to the numerous complains that reviewers had with reviewing this game. *I don't like this site much because of the ads but this explains a lot
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