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Publisher Microsoft Game Studios Studio Silicon Knights Genre Adventure
Release Dates 08/19/08 08/28/08 08/29/08 08/19/08

Too Human is a long anticipated new IP by Silicon Knights, the developer of Eternal Darkness. The game was originally developed for PlayStation in 1999 but was then switched to GameCube in 2000 following an exclusive deal with Nintendo. The game was delayed and in 2005 became an Xbox 360 exclusive. It is the first game of a trilogy.

Too Human is a third-person action adventure game in which you take the role of a cybernetic warrior in a war between humans and sentient machines. Your cyborg wields a sword and gun to fight masses of enemies. The game play focuses on combo attacks, such as tossing enemies into the air with your sword and juggling them with your guns. You can use your melee weapon to pogo off a series of enemies and travel airborne for minutes.

The game features some RPG components by allowing you to improve your character throughout the game with new weapons, equipment, and cybernetic enhancements. Too Human features a dynamic camera that will adjust and zoom to show your attacks from the best angles, giving the game a more cinematic feel. The game will feature four player co-op over Xbox Live.

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August 19 for North America, Aug. 29 for Europe

Joystiq - May 13, 2008

Submitted by sagexsdx (20) at 9:44AM PST on May 13, 2008

Microsoft has revealed that Silicon Knights' long-in-development action-RPG Too Human (X360) will at long last hit retailers in August.
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Microsoft bringing home Too Human demo next week

Joystiq - July 10, 2008

Submitted by afsplat (113) at 12:34PM PST on July 10, 2008

We can go ahead and cross off one square from our press conference bingo. Microsoft has announced that, as part of their annual "Bringing it Home" series, the Too Human demo is coming to Xbox Live next week during E3 (via IGN).
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Too Human demo classes unlockable with internal clock shift

Joystiq - July 28, 2008

Submitted by oznerol (448) at 6:47AM PST on July 28, 2008

Many Too Human players discovered that with by tinkering with the 360's internal clock and doing a bit of tricky menu navigation, it's possible to play as all five of the classes before their initial dates of arrival. We've got Dimascus' method after the jump -- are you brave enough to propel your 360 into the future?
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Too Human will be playable at GDC

Kotaku - February 13, 2008

Submitted by starship (29) at 8:36PM PST on February 13, 2008

Too Human will be playable at this year's GDC according to Kotaku.
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Preview: Too Human in 10 Hours

Wired - June 30, 2008

Submitted by afsplat (113) at 3:02PM PST on June 30, 2008

I played through Too Human, Silicon Knights' upcoming action RPG for Xbox 360, this weekend.
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