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Publisher Electronic Arts Studio Maxis Genre Strategy
Release Dates 09/7/08 TBA 09/5/08 TBA

This stock is for the DS version of the upcoming Spore (PC) game. Spore is designed by Will Wright, the famed creator of SimCity and the Sims. It is uncertain how the game will be translated from the PC to the DS.

The premise of the PC game is a simulation of life from the beginning. You begin as a tiny life form in a pool of primordial ooze. You will evolve from a single cell organism that just swims around eating other single cell organisms to the second phase of the game where you have evolved into an animal like creature. The customization of your creature is supposedly limitless. Once you have evolved from here, you will enter the third phase where you organize into a tribe. Not satisfied with that you will build cities and then civilizations. Ultimately, you will leave the planet to build your intergalactic empire. Spore combines various forms of gameplay, from 2D protozoa eat protozoa action to 3D prey hunting/predator fleeing, from SimCity-like management to larger scale Civilization-like conquest.

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IGN Interview Will Wright "IGN: Handheld ports are... - August 9, 2006

Submitted by Gaara42 (6) at 5:33PM PST on April 15, 2007

IGN Interview Will Wright "IGN: Handheld ports are often outsourced. Do you know if a handheld Spore would be produced internally? Will Wright: It's too early to tell who will be handling the development, but we'll definitely be highly involved in the process. We're kind of control freaks."
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Spore Creatures DS Preview (Hands-on)

IGN - February 13, 2008

Submitted by lstormy10 (32) at 10:14AM PST on February 13, 2008

"Hidden amidst the most recent data splash concerning Spore was a first look proper at the DS version – a bespoke take upon Will Wright's manically ambitious attempt to realise Sim Everything. Dubbed Spore Creatues, the handheld arm of what is looking to be this year's big gaming event manages to create an enchanting action adventure game from the DNA of its elder brother - and its release may well prove to be a highlight in its own right when it comes to Nintendo's machine this September."
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DS, mobile version of Spore titled Spore Creatures

Joystiq - February 12, 2008

Submitted by sagexsdx (17) at 12:41PM PST on February 12, 2008

The DS and mobile version of the game, [titled] Spore Creatures, is going to be drastically different than its big brother. In short, the game's been designed from the ground up for the smaller platforms, eschewing all but the creature creation portion of the game. It's even adapted a different art style based on Japanese flat rod puppets
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The game facilitates community marketing

Gamespot - May 23, 2008

Submitted by BishopB (183) at 3:30PM PST on June 10, 2008

In addition to YouTube, Spore will feature several other community-building features, such as the ability to snap postcards and e-mail them to friends. All creatures will be added to the Sporepedia, a user-generated encyclopedia of all things Spore. What's more, other players' creatures will be automatically downloaded and inserted into your game so you'll see how your beast fares against other community creations.
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Spore DS Confirmed

Gamersreports - February 2, 2007

Submitted by striker75 (69) at 9:54AM PST on April 28, 2007

Spore DS Confirmed
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