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Publisher Nintendo Studio Nintendo EAD Genre Role-playing
Release Dates 11/16/08 TBA 12/5/08 TBA

Animal Crossing (Wii) is the next iteration of the hit Animal Crossing, which sold multiple millions of copies on the Nintendo DS and Gamecube. Animal Crossing is an open-ended life simulator game in which the player tries to build up a house. You can customize your wallpaper and flooring. Expand the size of the house and fill it with more furniture and d�cor.

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Pro-G News "As for how the Wii's online system... - June 6, 2006

Submitted by Gaara42 (4) at 10:14PM PST on May 6, 2007

Pro-G News "As for how the Wii's online system will work, Friend Codes as used with the DS seem to be the order of the day, but Eguchi is unsure about DS and Wii crossover."
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Animal Crossing For Wii On For 2008, Says Nintendo

Kotaku - January 28, 2008

Submitted by zeromous (305) at 4:41AM PST on January 29, 2008

Nintendo has, via their financial reports, announced some release dates for the coming year. Scrolling down the list of first-party games due in the Japanese market sees familiar titles like Metroid Prime 3, Mario Kart Wii, Battallion Wars 2 and...oh. Animal Crossing!
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The appeal of Animal Crossing

A personal blog - May 15, 2007

Submitted by Laoldar (15) at 5:57PM PST on May 18, 2007

The writer makes an interesting case that people enjoy playing Animal Crossing because you basically design your own experience. He relates stories of players that made their town appear to be a nudist colony or a Croatian village. One player describes how they post letters getting the town to "riot". By allowing users to modify the words used by characters, you can manipulate the personalities of the NPCs. By how they design their town and interact with visitors online, players can design their own game experience (some examples include a Church of Hyrule with master sword idol and being watered by another user). It's a good read for those wondering why Animal Crossing seems to have attracted such attention lately. It allows users to be creative and have a game experience that doesn't end as long as they continue to interact with it since it is limited only by their imagination.
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Animal Crossing Wii an MMO?

CVG - October 24, 2007

Submitted by charron (24) at 5:49AM PST on October 24, 2007

CVG reports that the latest Edge magazine contains a claim from "A Japanese source" that Animal Crossing Wii will be going MMO. No details beyond that were given.
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Animal Crossing: City FolkComing

Joystiq - June 15, 2008

Submitted by TheTimeRanger (394) at 9:35AM PST on July 15, 2008

Nintendo announced Animal Crossing: City Folk, a new game in the series that will have graphics similar to those of the GameCube version. The game will use the Wii Message Board to allow players to send messages to friends and allow players to put on masks to look like their Miis. It will also support a new community microphone option known as WiiSpeak that will allow you to talk directly to other players around the world.
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