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How many copies will Madden NFL 08 sell in the US in August?
(08/5/07 - 09/1/07)

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Publisher Electronic Arts Studio EA Canada Genre Sports
Release Dates 08/14/07 TBA TBA TBA

The Wii version of Madden NFL '08 continues to bring new game play with the Wii's motion sensing remote. Instead of simply pressing a button to throw the ball, players can actually make a passing motion to pass the ball. The Wii remote detects the speed of the passing motion to determine if the QB lobs the ball or launches it like a bullet. To hike, simply pull the remote back. Essentially, players will be able to imitate nearly all football maneuvers from stiff arms and jukes, to passes and catches. Madden NFL '08 for Wii will be released August 14, 2007.

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Madden 08: online multiplayer, no friend code system

Joystiq - July 14, 2007

Submitted by frogcrusher (500) at 10:38AM PST on June 14, 2007

The next installment of Electronic Arts' Madden 08 will feature online multiplayer but will not be using Nintendo's friend code system, according to associate producer Damian Zerr in an interview with IGN.
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Madden NFL 08 Wii Interview

IGN Wii - June 11, 2007

Submitted by lstormy10 (30) at 5:45AM PST on June 14, 2007

With Madden NFL 08, which ships for Wii this August, EA has included even more features -- everything from a robust online mode to Mii integration and even the ability to draw on-screen with the Wii remote. We chatted with associate producer Damian Zerr about all the extras. We've also posted the first 13 screenshots of Madden NFL 08 on Wii.
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Best Sports Game

IGN - July 20, 2007

Submitted by sbrousseau (179) at 7:32AM PST on July 25, 2007

Out of all the awards this year, choosing Madden NFL 08 had to be one of the easiest. Sure Mario Strikers Charged is an amazing package as well, but with it being shown so many times previously, and now having the final version of the game in our office it didn't seem "Best of E3" worthy. Madden, on the other hand, seems to have everything going for it. The gameplay is just as solid as last year, the new family play mode streamlines the already intuitive gesture system, the amount of mini-games seems to have no end, and from what we can tell the online system should be a great first step for EA's Wii Wi-Fi escapade. It may be more of the same, but Madden has it going on for two years running, as the feel of gesture-based football and on-the-fly audible calling makes Madden NFL 08 an easy choice for sports fans this holiday season. Oh, and the Telestrator is going to bring about a whole new generation of trash talking; we guarantee it.
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