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Publisher LucasArts Studio LucasArts Genre Action
Release Dates 09/16/08 09/17/08 09/19/08 09/17/08

Players will get a chance to work for Darth Vader himself, as the man in blackļæ½s new apprentice. The game fills in some of the gaps between Episode III and Episode IV, with a storyline full of loyalty, betrayal and the Force. It will feature both established and new characters, and its story "has some incredible revelations."

The game will be using "Digital Molecular Matter," an extremely detailed and realistic graphics engine developed by LucasArts in conjunction with ILM, Pixelux Entertainment and NaturalMotion specifically for the game; and a new A.I. system named "Euphoria". Pre-visualization demonstrations were shown at the LucasArts booth at E3 2006. The game developers refer to it as "the Force Unleashed."

From the preview shown, the game will take place sometime after the rise of the Galactic Empire, and allow players to control Force-users. Motion images seen to date highlight the engine's use of Pixelux's Digital Molecular Matter, showing the Force-users engaging in advanced telekinesis and Force lightning.

RELEASE DATE: TBA 2007. info taken from Game Informer, IGN, &

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LucasArts Unleashes the Force

IGN - February 14, 2007

Submitted by wesleystuben (456) at 3:28PM PST on May 10, 2007

LucasArts Unleashes the Force
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GDC '08: LucasArts prioritizing PS3 dev, unleashing...

Gamespot - February 22, 2008

Submitted by coolbiz (932) at 2:13PM PST on March 27, 2008

Star Wars studio's "new baseline" will be Sony's console; Force Unleashed publicly demoed for first time by publisher--which almost made KOTOR3 instead.
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