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Publisher 2K Games Studio Firaxis Genre Strategy
Release Dates 07/8/08 TBA TBA 07/7/08

One of the most popular PC video game franchises will be coming to game consoles in spring 2008, with the release of the latest game in the Sid Meier's Civilization franchise. Similar to previous Civilization games, players will build empires, but with several new twists thrown in. Some of the improvements include "accessible maps and streamlined time scale for quicker gamers, intense combat, and constant action."

Civilization Revolution -- developed by Firaxis Games, published by 2K Games -- is described as "a watershed game, offering players a chance to experience the epic empire-building world of Civilization in an all new accessible, visually immersive, and action-packed world specifically designed for the console and handheld gamer."

NPD Sales Data
July 2008: 147,600

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IGN Review : 8.8 (Great)

IGN - July 2, 2008

Submitted by mrahaju (55) at 7:56PM PST on July 2, 2008

9.0 Presentation 8.0 Graphics 8.5 Sound 8.5 Gameplay 9.0 Lasting Appeal With 16 civilizations and two single-player modes, you’ll be an expert by the time you hook up with friends online. With a strong community behind it, Civ Rev on the Internets will be truly great.
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First Impressions

Eurogamer - March 11, 2008

Submitted by llonesmiz (88) at 1:17AM PST on March 11, 2008

Civ Rev has much in common with Catan, if you've played that. Both feel not like the cold hexes and hotkeys of PC strategy, but like social boardgames re-imagined expertly for console, replete with a chummy, toy-like physicality that belies the satisfying complexity underneath. It's Civ made simpler and quicker, but no stupider. Most of all, it's Civ made specifically with multiplayer in mind - a key difference from merely a Civ game with a multiplayer mode.
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Demo Hitting Thursday

Xbox 360 Fanboy - June 4, 2008

Submitted by afsplat (37) at 7:42AM PST on June 4, 2008

Civilization Revolution demo hitting early Thursday.
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Civ Revolution demo out now

Kotaku - June 5, 2008

Submitted by Mr_Cynical (470) at 12:18PM PST on June 5, 2008

As expected, the demos of Civilization Revolution and Battlefield: Bad Company are now available for download from Xbox Live. This reverses a recent trend for games to have no demo at all, or for it to be released after the game itself.
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Civ Revolution Delayed until July 8th - May 29, 2008

Submitted by Butterball (577) at 12:32PM PST on May 29, 2008

Meier took the opportunity to thank the critics for their recognition over the years and to plug Civ Revolution in his statement. Speaking of which, buried at the bottom of the press release was the news that Civ Revolution has been delayed until July 8 from its expected June 3 release. Perhaps the delay will allow Meier some time to figure out where he'll store all the Revolution awards?
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