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Publisher EA Studio EA Genre Sports
Release Dates 08/12/08 TBA TBA TBA

This years Madden.

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Review: Madden NFL 09 (PS3)

1UP - August 12, 2008

Submitted by noobie (98) at 1:29AM PST on August 28, 2008

Even with our complaints, this is a football game that one-ups the stakes between the sidelines, and it's so visually impressive that it's likely to stick in your system all season long.
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Madden NFL 09 Review

PSX - August 12, 2008

Submitted by noobie (98) at 4:30AM PST on August 29, 2008

All in all, Madden NFL '09 is the first Madden game I have enjoyed with very few peeves to complain about. Tiburon has done a fantastic job at bringing us a game that controls superbly well, looks smooth, runs quick, and boasts a horde of enhancements to make this the best Madden game ever. Madden fans don't need me to tell them that this one's worth the purchase, but if, somehow, you're still on the fence and need a push, Madden '09 is definitely worth your time.
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