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How many copies will Resistance: Fall of Man 2 sell in the US in November?
(11/2/08 - 11/29/08)

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What Metascore will Resistance: Fall of Man 2 receive?
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Publisher Sony Studio Insomniac Genre Shooter
Release Dates 11/4/08 11/13/08 11/4/08 TBA

Insomniac Games is indeed developing Resistance: Fall of Man 2 (no, not Rise of Man, as some people have created) tentatively scheduled for release next November. Aside from the first and last level, the game takes place entirely in the United States, where someone who may or may not be Sgt. Nathan Hale (who plays a role in the story) has to deal with the Chimeran invasion of the US in such places as San Francisco and Chicago. And there is a cliffhanger ending that sets up for a third title. Vehicles will be included in multiplayer this time around, one will be able to take to the sky with three new vehicles or boogie it down on the ground with the three vehicles from the first game's Campaign.

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IGN reviews : 9.5 (Incredible).

IGN - October 28, 2008

Submitted by apujanata (4) at 4:42AM PST on October 28, 2008

9.0 Presentation 9.0 Graphics 9.0 Sound 9.5 Gameplay Single player is a great experience with an epic scale to the campaign, but adding co-op and competitive play within the game only serves to augment the overall gameplay. 9.5 Lasting Appeal A fast paced 10 hour single player campaign with multiple unlockables and difficulty levels are matched with extra multiplayer modes, gameplay options and community features.
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Resistance Fall of Man 2, screens(July demo?)

Spong - January 1, 2008

Submitted by ItachiItachi (56) at 4:54AM PST on February 27, 2008

The inevitable marketing lava-stream leading up to the release of Resistance: Fall of Man 2 is heating up. Not wanting you to miss out on a spot of warming in these chilly winter months, SPOnG has a batch of screens from said volcanic PR burst below. As SPOnG told you last week, we'll be able to see the game sooner than we might have expected.
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Resistance titles to feature trophy and Home support

GameIndustry - June 4, 2008

Submitted by tyrile (75) at 10:59AM PST on June 4, 2008

Insomniac's Ted Price says that the company plans to feature trophy and Home support for both PlayStation 3 Resistance titles. During a live text interview on our sister site,, Price wasn't able to answer whether or not Resistance 2 will feature skill points - but he did say that there will be intel docs which will expand on the franchise's lore.
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Resistance 2 Takes 420 Hours To Complete*

Kotaku - November 1, 2008

Submitted by necron101 (136) at 2:12PM PST on November 1, 2008

* And by complete, we mean complete complete. Sony says — and you may already have heard this figure tossed around — that there's some 420 hours worth of play time in Resistance 2 required to unlock everything.
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Confirmed: First Resistance 2 video this Friday

Gametrailers - April 7, 2008

Submitted by starship (22) at 6:54PM PST on April 8, 2008

Now confirmed that the first trailer of Resistance 2 will be shown this Friday.
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