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Publisher Sony Computer Entertainmen Studio Evolution Studios Genre Racing
Release Dates 10/28/08 11/20/08 TBA TBA

The second entry in the series is built on a revamped version of the original game's engine. The game will be more fleshed out and include many features missing from the original.

Release Date: TBA 2008

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Motorstorm: Pacific Rift Storms Past A Million Sold

Kotaku - December 9, 2008

Submitted by necron101 (136) at 8:07AM PST on December 9, 2008

Despite failing to set fire to retail sales chart, Sony Worldwide Studios reveals that MotorstormL: Pacific Rift has still managed to move over a million copies since launch. In an interview with, Sony Worldwide Studios head Michael Denny revealed that the sequel to the PlayStation 3's hit offroad racer has done quite alright by itself since its October release.
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MotorStorm 2: 16 tracks, Home confirmed

CVG - May 6, 2008

Submitted by Rol83 (47) at 9:13AM PST on May 6, 2008

Nigel Kershaw, game director for MotorStorm 2, has confirmed that the new racer will have a "strong presence" on Home. He also confirmed that the final game will have 16 tracks - twice as many as the original at launch - with far more interaction in each one. "The environments are much more interactive in the new game. This is especially true of the new track elements - the water, vegetation, lava and so on. And again, their effects differ from one vehicle class to the next," he said.
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Details Emerge on Motorstorm 2

Three Speech - March 12, 2008

Submitted by kspraydad (67) at 11:16AM PST on March 12, 2008

Sony has announced that MotorStorm is to return in the Autumn for the PlayStation 3. The world�s �most brutal off-road racing festival� is coming back and boy are we happy. It�s the best-selling title on the PS3 up until now and will come with a brand new location, 16 new tracks, a new monster truck and split-screen multiplayer racing for up to four players.
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Review : 8.3 (Impressive)

IGN UK - January 1, 2008

Submitted by apujanata (4) at 3:24AM PST on October 18, 2008

8.0 Presentation Better load times and split-screen races are great additions. 8.5 Graphics Some of the textures could have been much sharper. The crashes are awesome. 8.0 Sound 8.0 Gameplay The controls are good, but not as tight as could be. There could be more event variety, however. 8.0 Lasting Appeal
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Hands-on: MotorStorm Pacific Rift

PS3 Fanboy - September 8, 2008

Submitted by noobie (87) at 11:58AM PST on September 8, 2008

Handling is just as difficult as ever, especially in comparison to other similar racers, like Pure. The breaking and powersliding mechanics just aren't as responsive as we'd like -- especially in a game as fast and arcadey as this. However, it's undeniable that MotorStorm is a blast: jumping over fiery pits of lava as you try to fight other racers is intense.
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