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Publisher Sega Studio High Voltage Software Genre Shooter
Release Dates 06/23/09 TBA 06/26/09 TBA

Washington D.C. finds itself the epicenter of an extraterrestrial attack and it's up to gamers, as the secret service's Agent Ford, to discover the truth hidden behind the invasion. To do that, he'll need a variety of guns and the skills to use them. High Voltage calls The Conduit a straightforward first-person shooter in the style of Halo, Medal of Honor Heroes 2 or Resistance: Fall of Man - basically, fast, run-and-gun battles and stylized weapons. The Conduit also features advanced enemy artificial intelligence enabling "human-like behavior" and a special device called the All Seeing Eye (or ASE), which, according to the studio, allows players to "reveal concealed objects and enemies, providing a deeper level of puzzle-solving."

The game will feature local and (at least 16-player) online multiplayer including gameplay modes such as deathmatch and capture the flag.

Release Date: Q1 2009

Source: IGN

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SEGA will publish The Conduit

IGN - October 28, 2008

Submitted by apujanata (2) at 5:55PM PST on October 29, 2008

Last we spoke with High Voltage's Eric Nofsinger, he noted that after a long decision process, the company had finally decided on a publisher -- one to be revealed soon. Sooner than we thought, perhaps. SEGA recently posted a 'The Conduit' folder to its public FTP site, indicating that the giant publisher could be the one set to back the Wii title. An official announcement is expected before the end of the week. Stay tuned.
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The Conduit's Release Date

IGN - June 11, 2008

Submitted by lstormy10 (33) at 5:58PM PST on June 11, 2008

"Development studio High Voltage Software yesterday announced a release time frame for its forthcoming Wii first-person shooter, The Conduit. The game is set for a "Q1 2009" debut, according to the company. Meanwhile, the developer confirmed that The Conduit will feature a, "... competitive online multiplayer component," but did not yet offer specifics."
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Concept and Story

IGN - April 30, 2009

Submitted by apujanata (2) at 6:49PM PST on May 1, 2009

We were able to deliver a cohesive, conspiracy-ridden story that would stand up to any X-Files episode. We took a lot of time working to balance creativity with accessibility throughout the story and how we used our conspiracy elements is a great example of that. Washington D.C. was the ideal location to house our game. The location is iconic and its landmarks are immediately recognizable to most anyone in the world. Washington D.C. also gives players an immediate sense of pride and patriotism.
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The Conduit - Still Going Strong

Kotaku - October 6, 2008

Submitted by AWiggins (10496) at 11:06AM PST on October 7, 2008

My proverbial socks were knocked off when I saw how much they’d done with the graphics in that short amount of time. Less than two builds later, The Conduit looks worlds better. All of the graphics have been smoothed over.
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The Conduit will Use the Wii motion Plus

VG Chartz - September 1, 2008

Submitted by noobie (107) at 11:15PM PST on September 1, 2008

Wii Sports Resort might not be the only title to showcase the Wii MotionPlus when the dinky add-on launches next spring. GameSpot went hands-on with The Conduit at PAX 2008, and revealed that the shooter will feature MotionPlus support. The Conduit is currently set for a March launch.
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