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How many copies will Prince of Persia sell in the US in December?
(11/30/08 - 01/3/09)

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What Metascore will Prince of Persia receive?
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Publisher Ubisoft Studio Ubisoft Montreal Genre Adventure
Release Dates 12/2/08 TBA TBA TBA

"April 28, 2008 - A new Prince of Persia game should be on store shelves in time for the holiday season and will be available for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Ubisoft announced today.

News of an upcoming Prince of Persia title leaked out in January in an Ubisoft quarterly financial statement, but the company officially commented on the planned game for the first time this week.

The upcoming game, still untitled, is being developed by the same Ubisoft Montreal team that worked on the original Prince of Persia trilogy and last year's ambitious Assassin's Creed.

Details are still thin, but in a news release Ubisoft said the new Prince of Persia title "is opening a new chapter in the Prince of Persia universe, featuring a new breed of gameplay. The game is poised to rejuvenate the action-adventure genre in addition to introducing a brand-new illustrative art style."

Ubisoft also said it plans to release a Prince of Persia game specifically designed for the Nintendo DS, featuring "an entirely new storyline and new characters.""

"According to Game Informer's article, a new Prince of Persia, a thief, stumbles into a forbidden land - a mythical garden of beauty, dominated at it's center by a massive tree of life. The ancient evil god of darkness, Ahriman, was imprisoned within the tree after a cosmic struggle with his brother, Ormazd. When the Prince arrives, he unintentionally unleashes Ahriman and his corruption is unleashed upon the self-sustained garden. The Prince takes up arms against the corruption, in an attempt to redeem himself and take back his actions by driving the corruption away, and when he does so, he becomes the Prince of Persia."

"The general staples of the gameplay remain intact, including platforming, and combat. Although, according to Game Informer, the game focuses more on one-on-one combat, similar to the original Prince of Persia series."

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Prince of Persia ships 2.2m, Far Cry 2 3m

MCV - January 23, 2008

Submitted by deftangel (36) at 9:09AM PST on January 23, 2009

Along with its financial results and confirmation of a new outing for Assassin’s Creed, Ubisoft has also confirmed that its next-gen sandbox shooter Far Cry has now sold 2.9m copies worldwide. In addition, Shaun White Snowboarding has sold 2.3m copies and can claim the crown of being the second best-selling sports titles in North America in 2008. The latest iteration of the firm’s Prince of Persia franchise has also sold well, notching 2.2m sales
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IGN Review 9.3/10 - November 26, 2008

Submitted by NightWolf (65) at 4:29PM PST on November 26, 2008

"In every console generation there are one or two games that, regardless of any flaws, hold tight in my memory even years later. Ubisoft’s relaunch of Prince of Persia may just be such a game for me from this generation. It has its shortcomings, but I already sense that Prince of Persia will be one of the few games from this generation that I carry with me for the next decade."
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Prince of Persia First Look - May 23, 2008

Submitted by Gaara42 (4) at 12:13AM PST on May 26, 2008

Though the Prince loses his time powers, he is gaining more acrobatic skills, a completely new combat system, and an open world free of the linear constraints of the previous game. Though Prince of Persia has an open world and is using the Assassin's Creed engine, don't think of it as a clone. This is POP for the new generation and it looks and feels like the perfect transition.
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Prince of Persia Producer Interview

Teamxbox - May 28, 2008

Submitted by Benopolis (113) at 4:16AM PST on May 29, 2008

TeamXbox had the opportunity to see an early trailer and then talk to Ben Mattes, the producer for the forthcoming PoP title that's due out later this year. Between the trailer and his extensive descriptions of what's being planned for the next installment, we're getting a good idea of what Xbox 360 players will have in store for them.
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POP: OXM UK 8/10

OXM UK - November 21, 2008

Submitted by OuterHaven (147) at 12:24PM PST on November 21, 2008

OXM UK has reported that in its latest issue, Prince of Persia scored 8/10 in the world exclusive review. Reviewer Gillen McAllister says "the look, the feel of the game, is one that turns back time and makes what was once the waning memory of an ailing genre fresh once more."
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