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Publisher Electronic Arts Studio BioWare Genre Role-playing
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Dragon Age is an upcoming RPG for the PC currently under development by Canadian powerhouse BioWare (KOTOR, Bioshock, Neverwinter Nights, Mass Effect). Bioware is currently in the process of determining a publisher [1]. The release date has not been set.

Dragon Age is set in a new darker fantasy setting as opposed to the traditional Dungeons and Dragons setting. It will utilize an engine developed specifically for the game called Eclipse [2].

BioWare is calling this the "Spiritual Sucessor to Baldur's Gate" a similar quote was attributed to BioShock being a spiritual successor to the early action rpg System Shock and its sequel [2,3]. The game play will be 3D third person with free camera control, but may switch to a tactical overhead map during combat. All characters will be able to be controlled by the player, both in real time or when the game is paused [1]. Characters will be fully customizable as will backround (similar to the system used in Mass Effect). Both character race and backround will have play a large factor in determining starting location and in game play [1]. There will be no alignment scale as seen in previous games although decisions will affect relationships as well as major world events [1,4].

With the recent major sucess of other BioWare games, Dragon Age seems a likely hit within the Role Playing Community.

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Dragon Age To Be SecuROM-Free

Kotaku - May 4, 2009

Submitted by HouseOfRobo (169) at 4:22PM PST on May 4, 2009

BioWare's spiritual successor to the Baldur's Gate series, Dragon Age: Origins, will ship without the unpopular SecuROM digital rights management and copy protection software that has been attached to previous Electronic Arts games.
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Dragon Age: Origins Preview: Violence, Lust and Betrayal

Kotaku - May 12, 2009

Submitted by HouseOfRobo (169) at 7:35AM PST on May 12, 2009

Dragon Age: Origins isn't just a role-playing game, it's a world of violence, lust and betrayal. Or so says BioWare lead designer Mike Laidlaw who walked us through the game last week at Electronic Arts.
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Dragon Age: Origins DLC could span two years, says BioWare

Joystiq - April 6, 2009

Submitted by HouseOfRobo (169) at 9:56PM PST on April 6, 2009

Speaking with MTV Multiplayer, BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk revealed the developer has plans to support its upcoming RPG, Dragon Age: Origins, with DLC spread out over as many as two years post-release.
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Dragon Age newsletter and other updates

Bioware - July 10, 2008

Submitted by mrahaju (22) at 9:13PM PST on July 11, 2008

Sign up for the Dragon Age newsletter for upcoming, exclusive access to see the game like you've never seen it before. For Ferelden! Dragon Age: Origins, the highly anticipated dark fantasy epic is set to debut on GameTrailers TV airing this Friday night at 1:00am on Spike TV and Spike HD. The trailer will be available in High Definition after it airs at
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BioWare clarifies Dragon Age console plans

XB 360 Fanboy - August 18, 2008

Submitted by afsplat (40) at 12:37PM PST on August 18, 2008

We reported during E3 that the Dragon Age franchise would be heading to consoles in "the future," though it wasn't made clear in exactly what form it would arrive. Given that Dragon Age: Origins is heading to PC, it would make sense that we might see a version of the same title hit consoles, and BioWare's Dan Tudge has confirmed just that to Eurogamer.
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