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What Metascore will Professor Layton and the Devil's Box receive?
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Publisher Level-5 Studio Level-5 Genre Adventure
Release Dates 09/1/09 11/29/07 TBA TBA

The second title in the planned trilogy will be released in Japan on November 29th. If the original, Professor Layton and the Mysterious Village, does well enough when released in America later this year, the sequel would seemingly follow suit and be released some time in early 2008.

"Devil's Box seems to be improved in most every way over its predecessor, while retaining the same visual style and puzzle-based gameplay mechanics. The game uses a cartridge two times the size of the original, with room now allotted for improved animation and story sequences."

"Most of the puzzles in Devil's Box are new, Level 5 president Akihiro Hino confirmed at today's press conference. In fact, all the puzzles that are part of the main story are new.

All these details and a release date! Professor Layton and the Devil's Box will be released to Japan on 11/29. We're still waiting on Nintendo's release of the first one, now set for December 3."

quotes taken from IGN:

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Prof Layton 2 to get US/EU release

Wired/GDC - March 26, 2009

Submitted by PhilHarrision (452) at 5:30AM PST on March 26, 2009

In the Q&A session at GDC, someone asked this directly, and Hino's answer was that he wants all six Layton games to eventually come out in the U.S. and Europe. As to when this would happen, he said that they are currently working on the localized version of Diabolical Box, and that he hopes it will be out in six months.
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