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How many copies will Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 sell in the US in June?
(05/31/09 - 07/4/09)

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Publisher EA Studio EA Genre Sports
Release Dates 06/16/09 TBA TBA TBA

This game will use Wii Motion Plus.

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Wii Motion Plus Bundled with EA Games

Kotaku - April 21, 2009

Submitted by Joe80 (3) at 1:52PM PST on April 21, 2009

EA has announced that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010 and EA SPORTS Grand Slam Tennis for the Wii would be bundled with Nintendo's Wii remote fixing device upon launch in the UK. In North America, only Tiger Woods is getting the bundle treatment. With the UK versions of the two games jumping from �29.99 to �49.99 when sold in bundled form, we can most likely expect a slightly higher price point in North America as well.
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EA Confirms Tiger Woods MotionPlus for Wii

IGN - February 18, 2009

Submitted by apujanata (2) at 5:33AM PST on February 19, 2009

On Wednesday, Electronic Arts sent out an e-mail invite teasing its forthcoming EA Sports Season Opener event in San Francisco. The e-mail promises new information on big franchises, including Fight Night Round 4, EA Sports Active, Tennis Featuring Wii MotionPlus, EA Sports Complex, FIFA Ultimate Team and more. But perhaps most important of all to Wii owners, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 "featuring Wii MotionPlus."
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