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This future contract pays 1 DKP for each $10 million of total video game software sales in the US in the retail month of June 2008 according to the NPD Group. This retail month runs from June 1, 2008 to July 5, 2008. This contract expires at 11:30 PM PST on July 16, 2008.

Sony: No Plans for PS3 Price Drop

GameIndustry - July 11, 2008

Submitted by Sanderson1 (1069) at 10:59PM PST on July 10, 2008

"Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has said that there are no plans to drop the current price of the PlayStation 3. Speaking to investors, chief financial officer Nobuyuki Oneda said the company remains focused on profitability for its games division. "Our strategy is not to sell more quantity for PS3 but to concentrate on profitability" "Our plan is to not reduce the price."
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Ubisoft Aquires Visual Effects Studio Behind 300

Kotaku - July 8, 2008

Submitted by TheTimeRanger (425) at 9:40AM PST on July 8, 2008

The line between movies and video games blurs even further as Ubisoft announces the acquisition of Hybride Technologies, the visual effects studio behind the blockbuster films 300, Sin City, and the Spy Kids series. Ubisoft will work closely with the team at Hybride to create new technologies for video games and visual effects, while at the same time continuing their film work.
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GfK Acquires Controlling Stake in Chart-Track

gamesindustry - July 7, 2008

Submitted by zukaus (1) at 3:50PM PST on July 7, 2008

European charts specialist GfK International has acquired Chart-Track, the outfit responsible for weekly chart data in the UK and Ireland. GfK now owns 55 per cent of Chart-Track. Through the Media Control GfK International group, the firm is responsible for weekly charts and sales data in European regions such as France, Germany and Spain
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Blizzard Officially Announces Diablo 3

GamePlasma - June 28, 2008

Submitted by Rol83 (79) at 3:38AM PST on June 28, 2008

At Blizzard's Worldwide Invitationtal in Paris today, Blizzard has officially announced that Diablo 3 is currently under development. This comes 8 years after the release of Diablo 2 and is greeted by a high amount of anticipation from rabid Diablo fans. (See also:
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Activision Blizzard Opens Its Doors With A Stock Split

Kotaku - July 11, 2008

Submitted by TheTimeRanger (425) at 11:54AM PST on July 11, 2008

Activision Blizzard inaugurated itself with the announcement of a two-for-one stock split for investors, a sign that its outlook is rosy. When a company is doing rather well, it often splits its stock - doing so effectively doubles the number of shares that each investor holds. -- Link for More details and what they mean --
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