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Why should I join the simExchange?

What do stocks have to do with video games? What is a prediction market? What exactly is the point of the simExchange website?

These questions may be running through your head as few people have really thought about the possibility of stocks on video games. . . and more importantly. . . why you would care about stocks on video games. For many gamers, visiting the simExchange is like a noobie firing up a Civilization game without reading the manual.

Trade fictional stocks with DKP play money? I'm too busy raiding for epic lewtz with my guild in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. Why should I care? Here's a list of what the simExchange can offer you:

1. Think you know video games?

The simExchange lets you play in the prediction market for video games for free. You can test your video game predictions and compete against the world or play against your friends. What exactly is a prediction market? Read a good starter article on Wikipedia.

2. Ever wonder what the rest of the world really thinks about the games you already pre-ordered five months ago?

The simExchange lets you observe an aggregated forecast for how many copies a game will sell globally. Experts explain that market-driven systems can aggregate information from thousands of people, resulting in a better forecast than from any single analyst.

3. Want to find the games that are really worth your time to read more about?

The simExchange enables you to find new video games through the "wisdom of crowds." By aggregating the opinions of thousands of gamers, the simExchange saves you time in identifying the most anticipated games simply by checking out the stock price or trading activity for a game.

4. There's so much content about the game and so little time to read!

The simExchange enables you to learn about new video games through the "wisdom of crowds." News articles, images, and videos submitted to the simExchange are organized by their worthiness through a DKP driven bidding system that ties in with the rest of the simExchange prediction market game.

5. Want to learn more about the stock market?

The simExchange is a great opportunity to learn about the stock market in a risk-free entertaining game. The simExchange comes with all the excitement of trading but on the stuff gamers care about. Is trading really fun? If you like economic games and amassing virtual wealth like in Railroad Tycoon, the simExchange is for you! Never played games like that? Try the simExchange--it is totally free.

6. Want to communicate with other people who care about the success of upcoming games?

The simExchange community is made up of gamers, industry professionals, and industry watchers focused on this topic. The forums are moderated through a DKP driven bidding system that ties in with the rest of the simExchange prediction market game.

7. Interested in how other gamers are reacting to developments in the industry and particular games?

The simExchange Official Blog is the source for relating current news in the video game industry to the reaction of gamers seen through video game stocks. Want to join in the conversation? You can add game stock prices to your blog and write your own analysis of video game stocks.

8. Interested in how prediction markets and other "wisdom of crowds" technology can be applied?

The simExchange experience and the simExchange Official Blog are both great resources on applying these new concepts to video games.