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How many copies will Batman: Arkham Asylum sell in the US in August?
(08/2/09 - 08/29/09)

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Publisher Eidos Studio RockSteady Genre Action
Release Dates 08/25/09 TBA 08/28/09 TBA

A new Batman game using the Unreal 3 Engine. Know to be a combination of a more realistic Batman world, with a dark gritty feel. Has action, puzzle, stealth and more.

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Batman Arkham Asylum is Finally the Batman Game We’ve...

Loot Ninja - June 22, 2009

Submitted by Zex_M19 (167) at 7:09AM PST on June 26, 2009

This is definitely the Batman game that everyone has dreamed of for years. The combat is great and the story is true to the canon of the character (more so the comics than the recent movies). I didn’t want to put down the controller once I got my hands on with Arkham Asylum.
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Batman committed to retail Aug. 25 in NA, Aug. 28 in Europe

Joystiq - May 29, 2009

Submitted by TheSmilkman (241) at 9:16AM PST on May 29, 2009

The Dark Knight is finally ready examine the bats in Arkham Asylum's belfry on August 25 in North America and August 28 in Europa.
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E3 - Hands-On: Batman: Arkham Asylum - June 3, 2009

Submitted by Zex_M19 (167) at 9:46AM PST on June 9, 2009

Without a doubt, one of the games I most wanted to play at E3 this year was Batman: Arkham Asylum. It seems to have a lot going for it. Well, all my hopes and expectations were not reached; they were surpassed. For the first time ever, a video game seems to have captured what it is to be Batman. The gameplay features have been talked about, and trailers shown, for months, but in isolated portions.
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