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Volume 928,605
Close 53.68
High 100.98
Low 24.99
Publisher Microsoft Game Studios Studio Rare Ltd. Genre Strategy Release Date 11/9/06
Projected Life Sales 537K copies

Viva Pinata is a strategy game that puts the player in charge of a desolate junk yard with no piņatas. The player is armed with a number of tools to turn the junk yard into an awesome garden and attract wild piņatas. You start by smashing garbage and the hard soil with your shovel, which can get you money to buy supplies or invest in infrastructure (like a beehive). Cleaning up the junk will attract some basic piņatas, which will allow you to build up your garden and attract better pinata. There are various species of piņata, and when two piņatas of the same species live in your garden, you can have them make baby piņatas.

As you grow your garden and more piņatas call it home, you will gain experience points and level, meaning more abilities will be available to you. You can then plant large fruit bearing trees and attract piņatas that eat smaller piņatas. Feeding piņatas certain things will cause them to evolve into even better piņatas. On occasion, sour piņatas may wander through and trample your garden or leave poisonous candy that has ill effects on your piņatas. You will have to deter them or tame them. You can also hire helpers to reduce the micromanagement of your garden. Like SimCity or The Sims, Viva Pinata is very open ended.

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Microsoft: 'Viva Pinata on the DS Makes Sense'
1up.com - February 13, 2007
Submitted by zukaus (1)
25 bids [ + ] [ - ]

Viva Pinata - Sleeper hit!
totalvideogames.com - September 21, 2006
Submitted by thisisgil (110)
11 bids [ + ] [ - ]

'Viva Pinata' lets kids garden for colorful creatures
USAToday - January 5, 2007
Submitted by NASAlockup (1046)
8 bids [ + ] [ - ]

Japan top 360 seller Atsumare! Piņata (viva pinata)
gamasutra - January 11, 2007
Submitted by Isimanica (119)
6 bids [ + ] [ - ]

Score 8.3/10: Viva Piņata is a game that can be enjoyed by players of any age
GameSpot - November 15, 2006
Submitted by Workwork (13)
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Start with empty garden
Source: GameSpot
November 15, 2006
Workwork (13)
6 bids [ + ] [ - ]

Colorful Pinata!
Source: GameSpot
November 15, 2006
Workwork (13)
6 bids [ + ] [ - ]

Source: IGN
November 10, 2006
Rogue4 (66)
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Pinatas Eating Each Other
Source: aeropause - james munn
November 12, 2006
OrkEater (158)
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Posted by OrkEater (158) at 1:50PM on February 14, 2007
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A good way to boost the sales of viva pinata in real life, would be to put it as adverts in cartoon network, or even at the end of their spin off show of this game..

Posted by BadCredit (670) at 10:00AM on February 14, 2007
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Orkeater, he got them from VGcharts.org.

I think if they put Viva Pinata on the DS, that could extend the name recognition for the 360 copy and have some positive effect on the lifetime sales of the 360 version.

Posted by OrkEater (158) at 3:55PM on February 5, 2007
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how did you find out its december sales?
& its sold more than that if you count the rest of the world. I could easily say that europe has sold near 100k+ copies, i dont know, how do you find out?

Posted by Alpha (10) at 10:50AM on February 5, 2007
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VIVA PINATA DECEMBER NUMBERS. VGcharts has Viva Pinata selling 111,250 copies in December, for a total of 151,000 in North America. Too bad they don't have a tracker for just European and Australian sales.

So the December numbers did better than 2x the November numbers (the 2x rule), so that is bullish. However, it's not a large enough margin that I think the game is breaking out. Also, note that the game was heavily discounted in some areas so in some places we are already in the $30 phase of the game. 400k lifetime? 500k?

Posted by OrkEater (158) at 6:08AM on January 27, 2007
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Well, could someone go to a games store, and ask about the sales of the game?
Some will tell you, pretty much the reason it had poor sales in november, was because EVERYTHING came out in december, and so people bought gears/ps3 or something else instead.

Posted by Alpha (10) at 4:07PM on January 26, 2007
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Orkeater, whether or not its a great family game doesn't matter if the sales numbers aren't backing the game up. I still can't find anything mentioning December results for Viva Pinata though...only stuff that says its not selling as well as it should.

Posted by OrkEater (158) at 11:52AM on January 26, 2007
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I am giving up on this stock, its been over a month, and its not stopped falling.
Its rediculous, everywhere i go, the damn game is sold out. Its a great family game, and doesnt deserve to drop like this. I lost over 1mil on this, im selling and starting over on new stocks..

Posted by Isimanica (119) at 1:50PM on January 19, 2007
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I have tried to find numbers for tons of games and can't get diddly for last month.

Posted by MasterTrader (20) at 11:53AM on January 19, 2007
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Why doesn't VG Charts have the December numbers for Viva Pinata yet? Did they just decide that the November numbers were so bad that it wasn't worth following up in December?

Posted by Isimanica (119) at 9:18AM on January 17, 2007
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If any one cares in Japan last month or so this game hit the sales charts as number one. I have a little article that points it out. For strategy games there are not that many out there for xbox and this is a nice change up for a culture that really thrives on RPG and strategy games. I think that for the amount of trading volume (being the most trade stock on this exchange) that this game will pop back up once some real numbers come out for sales.

Posted by OrkEater (158) at 8:15AM on January 9, 2007
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Its pretty much the most family friendly game for the 360 currently, and alot of people are going to realise this, and there will be a sudden surge of people buying it for their kids.
I cant get my little brother off it, i need to play gears xD

Posted by Isimanica (119) at 11:06AM on January 8, 2007
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I think the fact that since people are having to put so much money down for a system that in some cases people looking for a more "family" friendly game are going to pick it up. Just because they want to include the rest of the family into the investment of the game system.

Posted by BaronDeMaulignac (11) at 7:00AM on January 7, 2007
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This game was being sold for 29.99 at Best Buy from December 22nd-December 25th. I would not be at all surprised if Viva Pinata turned out to have been the stocking stuffer gift for anyone with an Xbox 360.

Posted by Isimanica (119) at 8:35PM on January 6, 2007
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Also like oak I went to my fry's and they had tons of games like full auto and dead rising on the shelves. But they only had one viva pinata in the whole store. The other game chains (Eb, game stop and Game crazy) didn't have a single copy new or used. So I picked it up and checked again earlier this week and they had about a dozen more in at fry's. this morning when I went to pick up another copy of halo 2 (mine fell of the shelf and I steped on it) fry's was completely out again!

Posted by Isimanica (119) at 8:28PM on January 6, 2007
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I wouldn't just judge the numbers by novermber though. For anyone who was keeping up with the news this year, in novmber the sales of just about everything was not doing as hot as everyone had hoped for. That went for pretty much all items out there, games or not. I think that when some one can get some hard core date from this december then you will see this jump back up. I mean for crying out loud I can't even play gears of war or dead rising cause my wife is glued to this game. She wants to know why they don't put more content out to buy for viva pinata, besides just acessories? I think that once the "non gaming" women out there get ahold of this game it will be a down fall for all husbands gamers out there! Mark my words games would sell to women is an untaped market and this game could bring them to playing consoles than just PC's.

Posted by Deltaneutral (7) at 5:54PM on January 6, 2007
4 bids [ + ] [ - ]
Yeah the most current you can get with video games is last months sales. For investors, the best real time info you can get is doing a "channel check." People used to do this all the time, going to their local retail stores and finding out how well games are selling, then posting them on message boards like the Yahoo! stock message boards. It'd be pretty cool if people started doing that here--like if the discussion boards became a collection of micro sales data points for games.

Posted by Powertrade (5) at 5:08PM on January 6, 2007
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There is no way to find out real-time sales like current sports statistics in Fantasy Football. The best you can get is last month's numbers. November sales numbers are readily available on VGcharts. NPD sales numbers are very expensive (something like $20,000 a year for home console data). I hear NPD is readying December sales data pretty soon. I think Viva Pinata picked up a bit in December. It was sold out at the local Best Buys following the $30 sale.

Posted by OrkEater (158) at 4:53PM on January 6, 2007
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is there any way of finding out a games current sales? Because i was in town today, and every games shop i visited (was looking for one for a friend) was sold out of it, and it was at #1.. (im in the uk)

Posted by Isimanica (119) at 10:50AM on January 3, 2007
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If you read many of the articles out there that you will see that the Brothers were planning to leave for a long time. Just no one knows when they did plan to do so. I think that the slow start of Viva Pinata has nothing to do with them leaving. This game will grow as more people look at it and try it out.

Posted by jayen (90) at 8:27AM on January 3, 2007
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1UP is reporting that Rare founders Chris and Tim Stamper have left the Microsoft owned development studio. The two have reportedly left to "pursue other opportunities", with the departure supposedly having nothing to do with the poor sales reception of Viva Pinata.

Posted by Alpha (10) at 9:50PM on January 2, 2007
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Although I agree with Master Trader that the capital is there to boost Viva Pinata if it were justified...more users would always make the whole simExchange more interesting.

Posted by Isimanica (119) at 6:23PM on January 2, 2007
2 bids [ + ] [ - ]
I my self am going to say that those in the long are going to see the rise again. This will rise but not as drastically as before. I think that in the long run it will jump back up.

Posted by MasterTrader (20) at 6:15PM on January 2, 2007
9 bids [ + ] [ - ]
Orkeater, the problem isn't that people don't have the money to buy the stock. People have plenty of money, look at all the short selling--you just sell the stuff you don't think will go up anymore or cover the short positions you don't think will go down anymore. The problem with Viva Pinata is the game way underperformed and only justifies a price around 40 DKP unless the December sales are 4x that of November. I would suggest you close out your long position unless you're betting Viva Pinata had a huge December.

Posted by OrkEater (158) at 5:52PM on January 2, 2007
-2 bids [ + ] [ - ]
We need some major user boost of some sort like when all the gaming blogs linked this site, now noone has the money to buy the stock..
Am i the only one to come back after like 2 weeks and find they lost a hell of a lot?

Posted by Alchemy (6) at 1:40PM on January 2, 2007
3 bids [ + ] [ - ]
@ Baron, instead it looks like it sunk another 5%. I do think this stock will bottom out soon though. 450,000 copies is not that unbelievable even considering the November sales.

Posted by BaronDeMaulignac (11) at 7:13AM on January 2, 2007
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Viva Pinatas gonna pop right back up any minute now....yep...any minute now...

Posted by Powertrade (5) at 10:07AM on December 29, 2006
5 bids [ + ] [ - ]
BaronDeMaulignac (not to confuse with the other baron), the scenario you describe with the shorts (like a short squeeze of sorts) would only occur if some fundamental change occurred and the shorts had to cover immediately. I think the shorts are pretty sure at this point the fundamentals aren't going to let the stock past 40 DKP. If the shorts want to cash out, they probably won't do it all at the same time--then that just means the marketmakers need to provide sufficient liquidity for them to close out their positions.

Posted by BaronDeMaulignac (11) at 5:16AM on December 29, 2006
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There are two factors that will keep this stock afloat. I stand by my quote...sort of. This stock will go below 60...but it won't stay there.

1. Newtbaron doesn't have to order people to buy back their shares. The very nature of short selling dictates that people must eventually buyback their shares from the market. The precipitous drop in this games stock price indicates that more than a few people are making money by shorting this stock. It wouldn't be too much of an overstimation to say that there are, at a minimum 50,000 shares being sold short. When those sellers rush back in, the price will zoom up. Someone is gonna make alot of money playing chicken with the shorts.

2. Got two words for you: Red Steel. Red Steel has probably received the worst reviews of any game on the simexchange with the exception of Superman. It's current DKP is 56 something. Does anyone really expect this game to sell less than Red Steel? This game will bottom out in the mid to high fifties, the shorters will get scared, and then the price will zoom back up and settle in the low 60s.

Posted by MasterTrader (20) at 1:50AM on December 29, 2006
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Don't you mean the longs when you refer to the speculators? Viva Pinata was bid up entirely by speculation that the game would be a "sleeper hit." The results are in though, the stock is work about 30 DKP unless you plan on buying 300,000 copies yourself! =P

Posted by thenewtbaron (263) at 10:11PM on December 28, 2006
-5 bids [ + ] [ - ]
Okay, enough is enough.

It's doesn't take a genius to place the slide in this stock squarely in the laps of speculators. I've tolerated it so far, but I've just about reached my breaking point. CEASE AND DECIST! Shorters, I am warning you to buy back your short shares now.

I have the cash in hand necessary to support this stock. I will not allow short sellers to profit at my expense!

Take your ill-begotten gains and flee.

Posted by BaronDeMaulignac (11) at 1:29PM on December 28, 2006
4 bids [ + ] [ - ]
Yes, this game may have missed earnings forecasts by a wide margin, but hey let's give Viva Pinata some credit here. In the anthropormorphic pinata niche, Viva Pinata has monopoly power. It's sole dominance of this niche should add at least 2 DKP to its value. :)

Posted by Workwork (13) at 10:42AM on December 28, 2006
4 bids [ + ] [ - ]
Orkeater, the stock is dropping "on a purpose," the first month sales were really low. In the real stock market, the stock price would've plummeted immediately because the market makers would just drop their bid and asks to 40 DKP.

Posted by Powertrade (5) at 9:06AM on December 28, 2006
6 bids [ + ] [ - ]
@ Orkeater, this is pretty much how the real world works, except the price actually would've fallen a lot faster. Monkspider posted news 2 days ago that Viva Pinata only sold 42,000 copies in November, indicating that the game will probably top out around 300,000 copies. Since the stock price was forecasting 930,000 copies before, people sold down the stock because the game will not sell that many copies. This is similar to a company missing earnings forecasts by A LOT and the stock falling 20% or more.

Posted by Riekert (9) at 8:21AM on December 28, 2006
6 bids [ + ] [ - ]
@Baron: I think many of the big investors have already pulled out of this stock. I have a feeling this stock will stabilize between 40 DKP and 50 DKP.

Posted by OrkEater (158) at 5:54AM on December 28, 2006
-8 bids [ + ] [ - ]
why is this stock falling so drasticly?
It wouldnt drop like this in real life, somethings making it drop on purpose..

Posted by BaronDeMaulignac (11) at 8:05PM on December 27, 2006
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I don't see this game going below 60. There are simply too many people who are in this stock. Those with a vested interest in the stock will not let it continue to slide indefinitely.

Posted by Deltaneutral (7) at 10:11AM on December 27, 2006
6 bids [ + ] [ - ]
This stock is going through a huge correction. I agree with monkspider, could bottom out as low as 30. I still think word of mouth will carry this game long-term, but not to the previous forecasted 900k levels.

Posted by RTSgamer (37) at 3:48PM on December 26, 2006
9 bids [ + ] [ - ]
Ouch should've sold earlier. I was really thinking this game could be a sleeper hit. It's a great game...too bad its not selling well.

Posted by Alpha (10) at 2:07PM on December 26, 2006
10 bids [ + ] [ - ]
When did the vgcharts.org numbers come out? Looks like monkspider really started something.

Posted by GoblinMerchant (3) at 1:04PM on December 26, 2006
5 bids [ + ] [ - ]
Whoa good thing I checked the discussion...only 42,000 copies in November? Even if they sell 4 times that in December, the game would have a LONG way to go to sell 950k copies.

Posted by Arbiter (2) at 12:45PM on December 26, 2006
4 bids [ + ] [ - ]
monkspider, that truly is bearish news. However, I can see this being a game that gains more momentum over time (like Katamari). It is not one of those blockbuster games that people pre-ordered or were expecting to get when it came out. A lot of people may only hear about it via word of mouth months from now.

A totally unscientific channel check of Best Buy during the $30 sale before Christmas showed it near selling out in many locations. However, the VGcharts numbers are very negative.

Posted by monkspider (12) at 6:50AM on December 26, 2006
8 bids [ + ] [ - ]
I would downgrade this stock's status to "strong sell."

During November, the busiest month of the year, this title only sold an abysmal 42,000 copies, which is quite unfortunate because it is truly an excellent game.

I think even optimistic scenarios would only have it selling maybe 200-300k in it's lifetime.


Posted by antivert (102) at 5:00AM on December 23, 2006
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OrkEater: Best Buy is a chain, they have the same pricing in all of their stores, as far as I know.

Doubtful it'd only be in one store.

Posted by OrkEater (158) at 4:09AM on December 23, 2006
1 bids [ + ] [ - ]
everywhere, or just in one shop?

Posted by GoblinMerchant (3) at 1:04PM on December 22, 2006
4 bids [ + ] [ - ]
Heads up! You can get Viva Pinata at Best Buy for $30 until tomorrow night.

Posted by OrkEater (158) at 6:15PM on December 15, 2006
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anyone else enjoy watching the y show of this on youtube? im addicyed XD

Posted by OrkEater (158) at 1:32PM on December 13, 2006
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This game is doing so well in the stock exchange here.
If there were more people online to buy more of the stock, it would skyrocket xD
note, its an awesome game, but the only one which hasnt skyrocketed yet.. hint..hint :P

Posted by OrkEater (158) at 3:04PM on December 10, 2006
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:( thats soo annoying, we have to buy 10000 stocks before it goes up aah ;_;

Posted by charron (101) at 2:29PM on December 10, 2006
3 bids [ + ] [ - ]
Ork, I'd bet someone had a lot of stock in the game and got out when they thought they'd made enough profit.

Posted by Alpha (10) at 1:40PM on December 10, 2006
1 bids [ + ] [ - ]
Does someone know the November sales data for Viva Pinata already or something?

Posted by OrkEater (158) at 10:42AM on December 10, 2006
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what the heck? Someone dropped the game by 20dkp.. why?!

Posted by Kadre (171) at 9:51PM on December 9, 2006
3 bids [ + ] [ - ]
This game is so cool. I just love it to death. Buy Buy Buy!!!

Posted by OrkEater (158) at 11:41AM on December 6, 2006
1 bids [ + ] [ - ]
Im totally going to buy this, but its like going to be a secret, its too .. cute for me, people will be shocked..

Posted by simulazn (135) at 10:57AM on December 6, 2006
6 bids [ + ] [ - ]
I love that this game is catching on with an older crowd! I am 23 and have no shame in saying I greatly enjoy this game. It's got a great deal of gameplay depth, and there are lots of little dirty jokes snuck in there as well. It's a definitely sleeper hit, and I think it will well exceed initial expectations.

Posted by OrkEater (158) at 12:27PM on December 5, 2006
3 bids [ + ] [ - ]
In one day, the projected life sales has risen from 353k to 390k, that looks like a good sign for this game.

Posted by OrkEater (158) at 2:15PM on December 4, 2006
4 bids [ + ] [ - ]
The estimated 353k sales is way under what it will probably end up at, its focused on the whole family, and there is even a kids tv show, which kids watch, and so you will have millions of kids wanting to play this..

Posted by GoblinMerchant (3) at 10:43AM on December 4, 2006
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I think Viva Pinata is more of a strategy game than a simulation since it's nothing like real life gardening. It's a strategy based game because you have to plan out how to improve your garden to attract Pinatas, and then taking into account the Pinatas you attract will affect what other Pinatas you can attract.

A lot of times strategy and simulation also overlap, like Sim City, Tropico (simulate dictatorship?), Railroad Tycoon, etc. When I think pure simulator game, I think something like Flight Simulator.

Posted by OrkEater (158) at 10:13AM on December 4, 2006
1 bids [ + ] [ - ]
Would you call viva pinata a stragety game?
It falls more into the simulation genre, no?

Posted by OrkEater (158) at 9:24AM on December 4, 2006
4 bids [ + ] [ - ]
Looks like a great game, a game i could play around my little brother. A family game, you know? Instead of not being allowed to play gow untill night.

Posted by thisisgil (110) at 8:45AM on December 2, 2006
4 bids [ + ] [ - ]
I think it'll stand a great chance of being Pokemon-huge if/when the cartoon is released.

Posted by Alchemy (6) at 9:32AM on December 1, 2006
8 bids [ + ] [ - ]
I really believe this game can be a sleeper hit. There's a lot of buzz about this on the Internet.

Posted by Deltaneutral (7) at 12:14PM on November 26, 2006
4 bids [ + ] [ - ]
The gameplay video submitted by thisisgill shows how the strategy game is navigated, which is interesting cause that is one of the difficulties of having a strategy game on a console.

You basically move a giant cursor around your garden and the camera follows your cursor. There's not much actual garden building in the video until the end when the guy uses the shovel tool to enlarge a moat. I think the video is mainly to show off the guy's pinatas.

It looks like a SimGarden game or something.