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How many copies will Blue Dragon sell in the US in August?
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Publisher Microsoft Game Studios Studio Mistwalker Genre Role-Playing
Release Dates 08/28/07 12/7/06 08/24/07 TBA

Blue Dragon is an Xbox 360 exclusive RPG that Microsoft Game Studios is targeting for the Japanese market. The game is designed by Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of the Final Fantasy series, illustrated by Akira Toriyama of the Dragon Quest series, and features the music of Nobuo Uematsu, famous for the music of Final Fantasy.

Blue Dragon features cartoony characters similar to the style found in Dragon Quest but not cel-shaded. The unique feature of Blue Dragon is each character is partnered with a shadow creature, such as a dragon or phoenix. Characters advance in character level and rank level.

The player controls four characters and their shadow creatures at a time and combat is played through a menu and turn based interface. The player can position the characters either in front or back lines (like early Final Fantasy games) for greater offense or defense. There is also a turn indicator like in Final Fantasy X that shows you the order your characters and their opponents will make their moves.

Monsters can be seen in exploration view (unlike traditional Final Fantasy and more like Chrono Trigger). Encounters can be avoided if you walk around the monsters, but if you stray too close a message will inform you that your party has been detected. You can then charge in to engage, wait and power-up, or run away.

Game is contained on three DVD-ROMs.

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Blue Dragon - 1UP Review: 6.5/10 Average

1UP - August 24, 2007

Submitted by rikitikitik (6) at 6:27PM PST on August 24, 2007

When an article's subtitle is "Microsoft's Final Fantasy? Not even close.", you know what to expect. The review slams the game's story and characterization while praising the music and the job and battle systems. The reviewer claims that it is a decent RPG, but that it's not the system-seller it was hyped up to be. "If you come into Blue Dragon expecting anything more than a serviceable RPG, don't be shocked if you come away disappointed."
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Blue Dragon - IGN Review: 7.9/10

IGN - August 14, 2007

Submitted by rikitikitik (6) at 3:48AM PST on August 15, 2007

Touted as the Final Fantasy of the XBOX 360, Blue Dragon, unfortunately, does nothing special to give it a boost above the other traditional console role-playing games. Scoring well on account of graphics and lasting lasting appeal, it is rather mediocre on all of the other metrics that IGN utilizes. "[F]or those needing a solid traditional role-playing experience on Xbox 360, Blue Dragon will fit the bill."
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A lot more Blue Dragon development planned. 2 sequels?

Kotaku - March 27, 2007

Submitted by Joe80 (8) at 5:38PM PST on March 27, 2007

A lot more Blue Dragon development planned. 2 sequels?
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Introduction of Characters and Combat

GameSpot - September 21, 2006

Submitted by GoblinMerchant (9) at 12:01AM PST on December 18, 2006

Introduction of Characters and Combat
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GameStop aims to sell Blue Dragon in June

Joystiq - January 22, 2007

Submitted by NickA (235) at 5:53PM PST on January 22, 2007

GameStop aims to sell Blue Dragon in June
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